How do I register?

Click on the Create a new account button under username and password part on the right top of the page or follow the link http://escortsparisfrance.com/user/register. Choose your registration type (Member/Independent Escort/Agency). Fill the form, click Create new account. Then follow the instruction on an activation mail what you will receive in your email: click the provided link and set new password. Then go to My account and create your advertisement profile. For more details click here.

I not received the email for activation!

Please check your spam folder first, sometimes it can arrive there. Send us an email to , and we resend it to you.

I forgot my password

Use the Request new password option below the login details or link http://escortsparisfrance.com/user/password . You will get an email to the address with the new password to the email address you gave when registered. To change this email address, contact us.

--FOR Escorts--

My city is not among locations

Go on with the registration process, choose Paris. But then write us an email asking to place your city in the list and you will be able to change the city later.

How to activate my profile.

To activate your free advertisement you can do in Manage Activations menu. Choose ‘Yes’  and dates  (Start and End) you want your profile to be activated for. Not all new profile will be activated after the administrator’s approval. It takes about 12 hours. If your profile is not activated as desired contact the website admin on the contact form

I want to deactivate my profile for a while.

You can deactivate your profile on My account after you logged in. Go to Manage Activation choose  ‘No’  and remove the End date if it set. Or Send us a message.

I returned to France and would like to advertise with you again!

You don't need to create a new profile. You can activate your profile again on My account after you logged in. Go to Manage Activation choose  ‘Yes’  and dates  (Start and End) you want your profile to be activated for. Or Send us an email with the new from - till dates and you will be online again.

Why is my account inactive?

You did not activate your profile, it expired or deactivated by admin. You can activate it in My account (see how to above) or send us a message. Please note that profiles without pictures can’t be activated.

My profile is not verified, why?

The photo you uploaded does not fit our verification policy (see below). For verification we accept: If you use professional photos with face BLURRED: send us or upload: - the same photo withouth blur and - an amateur photo of yourself holding a paper "Paris" written on it If you use professional photos with face UNBLURRED: send us or upload: - an amateur photo of yourself holding a paper "Paris" written on it We know and understand these photos are confidential, they are for verification purposes only. Please note: Once you changed your verification photo, your profile will go unverified till we accept it again.

I changed my photos and now my profile is inactive, why?

Your profile will go inactive when all the photos are removed and you have to activate it again. Send us an email. To avoid it leave one photo in the gallery, upload the new ones and after you can delete it. This way your profile stays active.

Is advertisement free?

Yes, in Escorts page it is free, but you have to place our banner on your site. VIP profiles and banner places are not free.

I want to be on the main page!

The top part of the main page is for VIP advertisers you can upgrade your free advertisement on My account -> Choose VIP membership in Advertisements plans, click “Become VIP” then select available membership plan. Then soon you will receive an email with instruction. You can see available plans and rates here http://escortsparisfrance.com/news/vip-membership-plans-escorts-and-agen... .

I want my banner on the site!

Please contact us via email, give the size of the banner and where would you like to place it so we can give you the price.

More details you can find here.


Why is my review not online?

All reviews are reviewed before we post it. Once it was accepted, it will appear on site.

Can you keep me updated?

Yes, we send newsletters to you regularly with the new available girls.

I want to meet!

Please note: we are an advertisement site, not an agency! Check the profile of the girl you've chosen and contact her or her agency directly.

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